Design Philosophy


Our approach is not built on a pre-determined aesthetical or a rigid "signature style." It grows from a search for ideas and answers. Designs aren't forced, they evolve from investigation of site, function and needs. They represent the realization of a problem solving process transforming our client's vision into a built form.

Architecture is best when it is an honest expression of those it serves. The places we design should serve the people who work, visit and live in them and that their quality is directly related to our commitment to listen carefully and respond creatively to our client's vision.

Strive to make simple, well articulated forms that have enduring meaning, favoring materials and methods of construction that provide lasting value and interact gracefully with the surroundings.

Commit to the health of the environment and to making buildings that show a deep respect for the earth's energy and material resources.

If we are demanding of ourselves, we are equally demanding of our clients. They are our partners and valued collaborators in shaping the project, and defining its success.

Our approach to architecture is rooted in the individual's perception of form and space. Perception rests with the "perceivers," the people who live in, work in, and visit the building and site. We value our clients insight because ultimately it is through their interpretation and their questions that the building takes a resolved form.




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