Project Management


Successful project management relies on a lean team of very experienced professionals with strong communication skills who leverage technology for maximum efficiency to manage and produce timely and cost effective deliverables. Critical portions of work on healthcare facilities require a lot of attention, familiarity of the process and detailed paper work. Areas such as "infection prevention" require expertise in scheduling and phasing of construction itself and has a real impact on the project. A very real value we will contribute to your project is in keeping the A/E team down to a manageable size, with the same staff consistently representing each firm and demonstrating knowledge and expertise in the issues that the healthcare field presents.

Design services, construction administration and interaction with jurisdictional entities during permitting and the inspection process are some of the tangible task that rely heavily on the following key elements:


The right person for the job! Assignment of individuals that have personal experience on the project type and expertise and the required skill set for their role in the design team.


Clear and concise definition of 'Project Scope' for the team and individual trades and professions to be established right up front.


All team members are accessible and responsive to the other team members throughout the process. Project information is made accessible online via project FTP and team collaboration software. Project schedules and resource materials are available to all team members in and organized and timely fashion.


Clearly defined roles, expectations, goals and milestones up front initiates a well defined relationship between client, architect and design team members. Establishing and updating the project time line and milestones through team meetings, teleconferences and online collaboration followed up by emails and individual phone calls as needed. All meetings will be documented with prompt follow-up distribution of written notes.


Pride in ones work comes from a sense of ownership and/or contribution to a project or task. We believe a project should be taken on by the same professionals from start to finish. Consistent and uninterrupted train of thought and follow through on a project eliminates hand offs, mobilization and familiarization start up time.


Produce budget conscious facility with long-term viability in operations and maintenance. Make a design statement within the context of a budget conscious project demonstrating a clear understanding of the image the client wishes to convey with their building.


Budget fees, services and manpower to meet financial and chronological goals and to apprise client of possible adjustments required in a timely fashion so that possible actions may be taken with least amount of impact.


See every action and task to its conclusion, confirm that other team members have as well. Double check critical items and document and distribute as necessary. Verify with client and staff that you have/are meeting requirements and expectations.




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