12-31 Klickitat County Public Works

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Goldendale, WA

Traho Architects was introduced into a diverse mix of projects that we and our supporting consulting engineers were able to address with speed and efficiency.

With a contract that is less than a month old, we were working with the staff of the Public Works Department on several projects. The Klickitat Public Works staff reflects the can do attitude, with backgrounds in construction, facility maintenance and civil engineering and a history of successfully renovating several fairgrounds buildings, successful grant application skills.


Traho Architects 2012-2014 Klickitat County Projects include:

  • Re-roofing of the historical Art-Deco Klickitat County Courthouse - Registered on the Washington State Index of Historical buildings, this 1942 facility has completed entry and handrail prior projects.
  • Courthouse east lawn park and parking lot lighting - DAHP review guided the selection and design of new historically accurate parking lot light fixtures and power supplies for summer vendor street fair booths. The renovation of the roof top flagpole will be an interesting element to minimize county flag maintenance and mitigate historical impacts. Compliance with dark sky lighting levels for the Goldendale Observatory is another design issue that is being taken into account.
  • Fairgrounds rodeo grandstand, commercial kitchen non-sprinklered wood construction - Traho worked closely with the county's on-call structural engineer and public works staff to meet code compliance and to implement the most efficient methods for improving life safety with minimal structural impacts and through limited vertical occupancy separation.
  • The Klickitat County Courthouse overheating of electrical panels and breakers was assessed by Electrical Engineer Don Nielsen. He assessed with a site visit follow up data the interim repair solution that included the re-structure of the service to the panels, replacing the daisy chain system. The visit illustrated the future need for additional electrical service work, current emergency generator and service are at near capacity level.
  • Three Remote Road Maintenance Facilities. Traho and consultant, Summit Professional Engineering provided consultation with local electrician for the installation of electrical transfer switches needed to keep crew with access to diesel during power failures.
  • Klickitat County Dispatch 911 Project Bid Document Review - A comprehensive design team including cost estimator, electrical and mechanical engineers and detailed Building Code and NFPA 1221 recommendations for value engineering of documents for clarification of project scope to meet budget. Recommended $200,000 in potential project cost reductions to meet budget without reducing operations and functions.
  • Klickitat County Dispatch 911 - Site design and landscaping- Current Project.
  • Klickitat County Courthouse - Our bonus project was with Traho's Historical Consultant, Kelsey Doncaster, he was aware that the Vancouver Office of the Washington State Archives had received the original drawings of the building by architect D. W. Hillborn. The county now has a full set of the original architectural, interiors, structural and mechanical drawings. These have proven repeatedly to be very helpful.


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