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City of Yakima - Department of Public Works

Shop Complex



Traho completed a master plan for this 13.8-acre site that houses a staff of 187 Public Works, Engineering and Utilities, administrative and shops staff. The relationship of administration functions to shop, storage and work areas was closely reviewed and existing circulation conflicts between transit coaches, heavy equipment, cars and pedestrians were resolved with a completely revised site plan. Public and staff use of the site was evaluated to create design solutions most compatible with actual operations.


Dept Public Works Shop

Upon City Council approval, Traho completed the design, bidding and seven construction phases of this project, which involved renovation, new construction and site improvement projects. The new administration office was located close to the new point of public site access for convenient Parks and Recreation program sign-up. A new vehicle wash building and welding and paint shop bays were provided. Code conformance issues, including underground fuel storage tank relocation and office area fire exits, were resolved.


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