11-03 Living Care Retirement Community

20120305 36

Yakima, WA

This active multi-facility retirement campus has addressed numerous minor capital improvements in recent years.

Extension of the Pioneer Path

Skirting the east perimeter of the site, Pioneer Path is a popular place for residents and visitors to enjoy the adjacent beautifully maintained grounds. This project completed the final 550’ feet of concrete walkway, graded for very gentle slope. New benches and landscaping are now in place.

Bathing Spa Renovation

With a need to update the Health Center bathing facility, a complete renovation replaced bathing and shower fixtures in a surround of soft new colors, decorative ceramic tile and wall sconce lighting.

Living Court Retirement Apartment/Dining Pantry

The Dining Room’s restaurant style service is now well supported by a reconfigured larger floor plan that reorganized staff’s use of this compact serving pantry. Increased counter top and storage cabinets, and a new hot shelf, combined with new cart storage and enclosure walls closed off with French doors, to create a very functional work flow as it adds sophistication to the room.


Resident Activities Spaces

With all existing resident and community use rooms fully booked with gatherings and events, Traho addressed Living Care’s desire for additional activities spaces through construction of three new multi-use rooms by re-purposing and altering existing space to create a new Computer Room, Westview Meeting Room and Puzzle Loft, and to update the multi-purpose Sunrise Room. Resident services administration offices were consolidated in one convenient location with its own exterior entry.



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