12-01 Trellis

12-01 Trellis                     


This opportunity to continue the atmosphere and traditions of the thirty-five years of parties, family gatherings, galas, showers, roasted pig BBQ's and fun under the home built reclaimed wood trellis was a challenge that was accepted and improved.

The use of used lumber, combined with the water from the hanging plants and limited original foundation made it obvious the original trellis had to be removed. Additionally, the owners wanted a weather proof area over the house doorway and connection to the garage.

12-01 Koreis TrellisNew


Replacing the trellis faced the design challenge of matching the quality and feeling of the loved enclosure, while providing a durable and structurally sound solution.

The new Trellis was built by the owner and is freestanding with a single height, and 2 styles of paired site built trusses on concrete piers, (located to avoid the septic) and purlins.

Today more than 200 plants, and often friends are supported and located under the trellis. The used slats from the original trellis were shaped into wood stave tubs for flower pots. The parties and deck traditions continue.


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