Treveri Cellars



formerly Staton Hills Winery; Sagelands Vineyard - Wapato, WA

Individual Experience of Nancy Charron, Principal


This award winning beautiful and large winery was designed specifically for this site, a wonderful location south of Yakima nestled above the river on the warm southern slopes of the Rattlesnake ridge. The entrance winds around the site past the public wine serving and retail areas. Design features include a massive hip roof with heavy timber and wood paneled vaulted interior spaces and large tasting room with ornate wood bar, banquet facilities, catering kitchen, gift shop, upper floor intimate viewing deck and extensive covered stone patios overlooking the lush landscaped grounds and scenic view of Mt Adams, the Yakima River and the agricultural panorama of the lower Yakima Valley.


Attached and significantly screened from view by the scenic public areas is the extensive and large utilitarian but practical, full production processing and wine production warehouse and fermentation tank room enclosure. The large harvest, production operation and supporting yard areas are significantly hidden and have a separate access by design from the public operations and tasting room activities. The original tasting room and production area construction was designed for a second phase storage and manufacturing addition that was added as planned about 5 years after the original building was completed.



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