Cline, Barbara Profile

Barbara A. Cline, MS, AIA

Barbara is a project architect with 32 years of experience spanning a wide range of public and private building types.  Joining the staff of Traho Architects, P.S. in 1988, Ms. Cline's professional leadership has resulted in successful development of significant projects for the healthcare community in Central Washington, City of Yakima, Yakima County, Yakima School District No. 7, Central Washington University, the City of Sunnyside, Yakima's YWCA and the Capitol Theatre - each of which included detailed feasibility/master planning and programming phases prior to design and construction, and often also involving user and community groups in initial planning.  
She has a thorough understanding and familiarity with current building and zoning ordinances, jurisdictional regulations and the impact of regulations on project design.  As a matter of policy, she works closely with Owner representatives and regulatory agencies during all phases of project planning to develop and maintain effective communication.




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